Situational Awareness, Behaviour Evaluation and Response
(Online course)

Designed by Specialist Australian Law Enforcement personnel with experience in human behaviour detection, body language identification and hostile prediction, SABER Behaviour Detection Training Programs are designed to provide your staff with the confidence and capability to use behaviour detection and situational awareness to detect, deter and deny criminality in or around your workplace and to evaluate any associated risk.


Whether it’s protecting your customers and staff from harm, reducing product loss, or protecting the reputation of your organisation, SABER Training will enhance your security posture and help reduce organisational risk, whether it be from terrorism, theft or anti-social behaviour. Through effective observation and directed conversation coupled with proper evaluation of the physiological and verbal responses, your teams can be better prepared to identify people who are being deceptive or have criminal intent.

The SABER program provides robust learning on reliable indicators and predictors of suspicious behaviours and hostile intentions such as the involuntary emotional and physical behavioral cues that manifest whilst people are engaged in deceptive or criminal activity or when carrying out activities that aim to cause harm to others.

SABER is designed for anyone working in any of the following areas and more:

  • Venues and Tourist Attractions
  • Sporting Events
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Hospitals
  • Transport Networks and Hubs
  • Shopping Centre’s
  • Airports
  • Casino and Licensed premises
  • Security
  • Public Places

SABER programs promotes the utilisation of all staff to become part of your layered security presence. Whether it’s front of house service staff, cleaners, retail workers, or your security personnel, this training teaches participants to be more alert and aware of what is happening around them, identifying anyone or anything that could be considered a threat, and it provides the proper tools to respond.

The SABER suite of behaviour detection programs includes

  • 1 hr basic awareness online training program – Ideal for casual staff. It is a low cost/high-quality product designed to provide fundamental information on behaviour detection
  • Level 1 SABER – 8-hour face to face behavioural awareness course. This course is ideal for full-time staff from customer-facing staff to back of house staff. Everyone in your workplace are your eyes and ears. We train them to know what to look for
  • Level 2 SABER – 4-day Behaviour Detection Operative Program aimed at Security Personnel and Loss Prevention Officers.
  • Level 3 SABER – 5-day Behaviour Detection Manager Program– Aimed at those individuals who have the ability to make improvements to the overall security posture, or influence the environment of a business or venue.
  • Level 4 SABER – 6 hour CCTV Operators Program – for CCTV operators. Understand behaviour detection and how to use CCTV capabilities to detect behaviour and support ground or floor staff. Face to face 6-hour course.

Behaviour Detection is a powerful component of any integrated security framework as it complements, and is complemented by, other security measures. Whether you are deterring shoplifters, terrorists or any other individuals who may come to your site for malicious reasons, it requires a systematic approach and the SABER program can help add an additional layer to your protective security.


Course Fee: $250 (Special Lockdown price)
Online course is 2 x 4 hour sessions, across 2 days

Upcoming Online Course Dates

6th & 7th October 12:00pm – 4:00pm
19th & 21st October 12:00pm – 4:00pm
19th & 21st October 5:00pm – 9:00pm
16th & 18th November 12:00pm – 4:00pm
16th & 18th November 5:00pm – 9:00pm
23rd & 25th November 12:00pm – 4:00pm
23rd & 25th November 5:00pm – 9:00pm



At its core, PRR truly understands that each organisation has a unique risk landscape and as such, a highly personalised approach needs to be undertaken to ensure that any risk treatments…



The need to navigate today’s uncertainties has never been greater and PRR are well placed to assist your organisation anticipate, adapt and respond to change in this complex and volatile environment.



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PRR provides specialised training for Armed Robbery Prevention, Situational Awareness, Conflict Identification & Mitigation, Developing a Security Culture, Emergency Response, Site Vulnerability Assessments, Pre-Incident Behaviours & Active Assailant Response.



PRR understands there is no cookie-cutter approach to effective personal protection as the designed and implemented framework needs to be tailored to include balancing lifestyle choices and personal preferences with protective efforts and best practise.



I had two staff attend the Conflict Identification & Response Methodology Program training on the 28th October 2021. My staff said the training was fantastic. Clear information, good interaction with Scott – the facilitator and really helpful guidance. One of the team actually used training points when confronted by an intoxicated client in the office. Highly recommend for anyone who interacts with the community
T.Whitehouse, Manager, Macarthur Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service
The training was really relevant to the work that I do and loved the de-escalation techniques and talk down process. The facilities were great and it was a really flexible learning environment

I would highly recommend Praesidium to any organisation seeking to upskill their workforce and mitigate their organisation’s vulnerabilities.

Steve Van Zwieten, CPP, Managing DIrector, Exact Security

I found Scott’s training to be highly professional, effective, and it was well-received by all who attended, including 2 of our service executives. I have since recommended Praesidium Risk Services to a client and will continue to recommend their services for this type of training.

Scott Nelson, Operations Manager, Gold Crest Security

Since placing our duty management team through the conflict management training program with Praesidium Risk, we’ve witnessed a tangible, and measurable improvement in our team and a reduction in conflicts.

Ben McGuinness ACCM, CHARI, JP, Operations and People Manager Moorebank Sports Club

Redcape Hotel Group has engaged Scott Taylor from Praesidium as our external Security Consultant since November 2015. Scott’s role has been quite diverse and he has been a key element in the development and progression of Redcape’s Security Vision.

Joel Cronan, General Manager Operations, Redcape Hotel Group

We engaged Scott Taylor at Praesidium to do some work with our Management team as well as all Frontline Staff and the feedback from all levels has been overwhelmingly positive. Drawing from diverse areas of study, citing real-life examples and delivered in an engaging and entertaining manner, this program was exactly what we were looking for to raise awareness of real-world challenges we face from both a risk management and customer service perspective

Michael Ruggeri, HR Manager Windsor RSL
We engaged Scott Taylor from Praesidium to conduct Advanced Conflict Training sessions for our security personnel and club Management. Scott provided valuable insight into security fundamentals and overall risk assessment. His information was backed up with real life accounts (experience and footage) and we would definitely recommend Scott for this type of training.
Nely Moat , HR Advisor, Parramatta Leagues Club