Scott Taylor, CPP

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The course author, Scott Taylor, CPP has more than 30 years’ experience in the security and risk industry. It would be hard to find a better credentialed security specialist in Australia. Scott is often contacted by various media sources as a “Security Industry Specialist spokesperson” and also Expert Witness when security related issues surface in the public arena.

Conflict Identification & Response Methodogies

Course Author- Scott Taylor, CPP


The course helps you anticipate causes of conflict and harmful behaviour and respond to prevent escalation. You will gain knowledge and understanding of effective communication principles along with Identifying escalating conflict and respond within the framework of both legal and organisational requirements.

Armed Robbery Program

Course Author- Scott Taylor, CPP

The course aims at providing the skills and knowledge needed for personnel to react safely in the event of an armed robbery. How to enhance situational awareness skills, security culture, safety/security awareness in the workplace and encourage safe work practices.

Active Assailant Response Program

Course Author- Scott Taylor, CPP

The aim of this workshop is to provide guidance to people who may be caught in an Active Assailant situation. Learn how to identify an Active Assailant and guides on what to expect from Law Enforcement. The guidelines in this course are intended to be used as an initial point of reference for those who may be confronted with an Active assailant situation.