We have all heard you should hire for attitude and train for skill. The STAIRS program helps you more effectively and consistently achieve this. Supercharge your abilities to build rapport & trust

Zig Ziglar once famously said “There is no elevator to success, each one of us has to take
the STAIRS” and this is your opportunity to do so!

In the STAIRS program, you will learn

How to create a safe environment for candidates to be open and honest

How to reframe your questions to truly get the information you need

To identify common deceptive answers with accuracy

To truly enhance your connection confidence and ability to read others

How to glean true intent & validate integrity through word analysis

To interpret the non verbals candidates display during the interview process

This year we will see a drop in new jobs being created and an increased number of applications per job but the volume of candidates doesn’t always mean qualified candidates. Due to potential reduced candidate confidence, many well-qualified candidates will stay put in their current jobs.

When adding this to the increasing use of technologies like ChatGPT, how can you know if the candidates are the best fit?

With less open jobs, recruiters have more time to focus on planning and strategy and there is simply no better time to be upskilling your team and yourself, to build rapport and trust and to better read and understand people


Course Fee
$115 per person (Morning/Afternoon Tea included)



8:30 am to 12:30 pm or 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm


Cellos Grand Dining Room
Castlereagh Boutique Hotel
169 Castlereagh St Sydney